February 2015: John has completed a first draft of his stage adaptation of Lauren Baratz-Logsted’s wonderful The Sisters Eight. For further information, please contact John. For a script, please contact the author’s agent, Susan Schulman.

February 2015: The New Play Exchange is now open for business and John has a page thereupon, with downloadable pdfs of his plays. Please visit.

February 2015: John and his partner David Grant have decided, in the interest of leanness and readability, to remove 5000 words from their Abe Lincoln adventure, Deep River. Stay tuned!

January 2015 : Tell Me A Story In The Dark, A Guide To Creating Magical Bedtime Stories will be released March 17, 2015. The publisher, Familius, Inc., has created a page for the book. This page has (or will soon have) links to articles by John, podcast interviews, print interviews, etc. Check it out.

In addition, (from which the book can be preordered) has an author page for John. Check it out.

December 2014: new screenplays! (Well, actually these are slightly older works recently revamped). Here are titles and loglines:

A SLAYING SONG TONIGHT: A 1920s Christmas thriller. A mail-order bride befriends a lovelorn madman, to the chagrin of her slovenly but powerful husband-to-be, his flea-bearing neighbors and an ardent Chicago gangster and his Crab Louis loving moll.

THE DEFLOWERING OF YOUNG FATHER TRIMLEIGH: A famous but now penniless writer escapes the loony bin, recovers his purloined notebooks, and saves a young actor from a gruesome death — and himself in the process. Set in that year of wild possibility: 1968.

MISTER MOONLIGHT: An impoverished actor tells his young son — and the boy’s keyed-up birth mother — a dangerous bedtime story.

Want to read perusal copies? Please contact John and the scripts will be sent to you.

October 2014: finished! John and his partner David Grant have finished a full draft of their YA novel (soon to be a screenplay) Deep River. Deep River is a grand adventure, focusing  on the young (19 yo) Abe Lincoln’s raft trip from Indiana, down the Mississippi, to the grand city of New Orleans. Natives, rounders, slaves, slave-catchers, wealthy planters, the amazing city. Lincoln’s first and only foray into the Deep South. It really happened! If you wish to read either a short proposal (with sample chapters) or the full ms, please contact John.

August 2014: Live Action Set’s immersive (and intensely weird) adaptation of  Crime & Punishment (for which John contributed text) was one of the hits of the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival. It consistently sold out and garnered mainly outstanding reviews. Here is info on the Fringe website; here is info on the Soap Factory site (in the basement of which C&P was performed); and here is a review by the estimable Jay Gabler.

April 2014: Art Dog opens at Seattle Children’s Theatre!  Finally.

February 2014: John’s Sideways Stories From Wayside School is currently running at the Arden Theatre, in Philadelphia.

February 2014: today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune contains a feature article on John, part of the Strib’s “My Minnesota” series.  By Curt Brown.

January 2014: A short film adaptation of John’s Minnesota Moon, a British production, has been posted on  Check it out.

December 2013: John’s oft-produced adaptation of Sideways Stories From Wayside School played at Stages Theatre, in Minnesota — for the 2nd time.

John is adapting Dostoyevsky’s classic Crime And Punishment, for Live Action Set.  The play will be immersive; audiences will be invited to view the play however they wish, seeing some scenes more than once, leaving some scenes out altogether, following characters from encounter to encounter, etc.  A reading is scheduled  this winter.

November 2013: a new play, Singapore, a WW2 thriller, has been workshopped at the Playwrights Center.  For a perusal script, please contact John.

April 2013: John continues to review theater for  For a list of John’s reviews, click here.  The site has also begun publishing articles and interviews — and it recently passed the 10 year mark.